Sunday, 2 January 2011

Arambol pt3

To write about the last couple of weeks will be a little difficult as so much amazing stuff has happened. I have my alternate place “Sunset” to hang out at the other end of the beach which is really mellow. I have been going there to recover from a hard night at Sporting Heroes I have also met more lovely people there and will be traveling with three others. Two Israelis, David and Yael who also happens to be incredibly beautiful and brilliant fun to be around. Just Walking down the beach with her is amazing to watch all the heads turn as she passes by. We are also going with Jan, who is Dutch. Jan and I are planning to meet at Bangface (a festival) and then HORRAY! We are going to Israel at the end of September which is the New Year and lots of big parties will be happening. My friend Oded organizes parties for about ten thousand people. Hahahahaha! I always new I would go back someday. (now to find a good Israeli girlfriend and I’d never leave). We all get on really well. Someone has already called us the family. They asked me to go to Hampi with them on the fifth of January. We are going to go by sleeper bus. I am really happy with the way things are happening.

Going back a couple of weeks a group of twelve of us went with bikes for a day out to ReadI Fort and Paradise Beach. We had all been drinking in Drunken Heroes as we call it and of course I lost my bag with my camera, wallet, lap top and my room keys in it so I had to sleep on the couches until the morning. At about five am Johnny the owner woke me up and said they had my bag and when I checked it much to my relief everything was there. I stumbled home and somehow managed to wake up at eight to meet everyone and with Paddy leading the way as he had taken some people before off we set.

We filled up at the petrol station and then drove towards the ferry. We were all hung over and hungry so we stopped at some “shack” on the way and had breakfast there. The girl had a shocked expression as all of us descended on the place all at once and we all gave her our orders. I was the last to be served and was barely trying to hide my intense irritation. I wolfed the breakfast down and felt better instantly. Suitably refreshed we set off to the ferry. I was on the back of Deses bike and he drove very well so I sat back and enjoyed the view. We passed rice fields and loads of palm trees leading into the jungle. At this point we lost one of our group as they went off in some other direction. We only caught up at the end of the day. The ferry was free and we drove the bikes on and chatted to one another noticing the boats that were collecting sand. It looked like hard work. They would only stop to offload when the boat was about ready to sink.

It was hot and we were all glugging our water bottles. Arriving on the other side we parked our bikes and Pat led us into the jungle. Suddenly after about five minutes we came across the fort. Redi fort is about five hundred years old and is still standing strong with its thick walls. The jungle is growing all around and in it with huge trees growing through the walls. A magical place! The picture of the spider was taken by the lovely Olga, possibly one of the most beautiful women I have ever met but as she focused intently on the spider I noticed the group was moving away. A slow panic grew as I wondered if Olga would hurry up. Picture taken and suddenly we couldn’t hear any one. Shit! I’m lost in the jungle, but wait a minute I’m lost with a lovely girl, things could be worse. We soon found the others much to my relief and we had a great time laughing and joking about our near mishap. We have since become very close. One of those situations I don’t want to think about too much. She takes my breath away.

We drove to Paradise beach and all went for a swim (even Brad). As soon as we arrived on the beach which looked deserted a man appeared and had coconuts he tried to sell us. No one wanted one but he moved off about five feet and just stood there. After five minutes or so I got fed up and asked him how long he was planning to stand there. He grinned at me but didn’t move an inch. Another few minutes went by and then I got up and told him to “Go away!” He then went and we had the beach pretty much to our selves.

After enough in the sun we moved off and headed homeward s driving through more beautiful scenery and stopping off once or twice to take it all in. We had a great drink that was both sweet and salty and found it refreshing.

Back across on the ferry and off we went to a restaurant overlooking a long stretch of beach with a beautiful view. A couple of cool beers went down and I had some fried momo’s, Yum!

Too tired to party I went to bed early that night.

I spent the next day swimming and took my hammock to Sunset. At first people looked at it with an air of suspicion but as soon as I was in it everyone has had a go and it is going to stay up until we leave.

Anna’s two friends from Switzerland arrived and are a part of our group now although one is leaving tonight. There is a good energy and I have introduced everyone to one another so the groups at both ends of the beach are merging.

Between the two ends there is a drum circle that starts around sunset so I wander down there sometimes with Mark or whoever is around at the time and watch great musicians and beautiful girls dancing freely in the sand.

So, Christmas eve came and we started at the Surf club and I met Bernie who came over from another beach. We met last year in Dharamsala so it was cool to hook up and chat and exchange small presents. They had organized some good live music and everyone was having a great time and the drinks were flowing. At about ten we walked along the beach and heard only two places that were pumping, Coco Loco and The German Bakery. We went to Coco Loco first and danced to some good music but we felt we wanted more so headed off to The German Bakery where they were playing some banging stuff. Brad and Tracy headed for the corner of death at drunken heroes. Me, Bas, Anna,David and Jan danced. I left knackered at about five to the sounds of electronic music, dry retching and lots of chewing.

I woke up on Christmas day feeling pretty good considering the night before. Just after I finished showering and was about to leave Tracy came to get me. I was just on my way to look for them. We wandered about looking for a Christmas dinner which in my mind was roast turkey with all the trimmings. Everywhere we went was not doing anything special so I got really pissed off and had a small hissy fit. Tracy then suggested we have a traditional Ozzie Christmas and have seafood. I cheered up instantly as the calamari and prawns arrived. I went all out and had a lobster which was fabulous. Lunch cost 2000 rupees. It was really good. I heard Dylan had crashed early on Christmas eve and had lost his bank card (it turned up two days later when he went back to the bank, on top of the A.T.M.)

I tried phoning mum and dad and my brother but missed them so left a message. I put thoughts of family out of my mind as they were celebrating. Actually I hate Christmas day away from family and am glad it is over for another year. Although It was nice to spend it with good people.

Absolutely nothing happened in the evening so I just chilled at the Sunset. There did not seem to be a single party going on anywhere.

The other night Yael, David and Mark came to Sporting Heroes and joined the rest of us we had a blast going back to my room at some point to finish off my nice brandy. Suddenly in mid sentence my voice went and the whole of yesterday I could not talk. It seems slightly better as I write this but I think it will be another day or two of writing things down as no one can hear me. A wee bit frustrating although I have been told it sounds sexy. I don’t care I’d rather have my voice back!

Seeing you Nastya yesterday was lovely and if you are reading this I hope we see each other in Rajasthan and get to spend some proper time together.

Well I’m about ready to post this and wander off down the beach to begin the festivities of New Years Eve.

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